The Club held its annual Cheque Presentation Lunch at Orsett Hall on Thursday 2nd March, to distribute the funds collected for our chosen Christmas charities.   
The Club President said, “From mid-December until Christmas Eve we held public collections, ran 10 Sleigh Routes around the streets of Thurrock, a static display here at Orsett Hall and spent 8 days collecting inside three major Thurrock supermarkets. We managed to collect, including recovered tax and donations, a total of £10,795, which despite the World Cup, the inclement weather and a cost of living crisis, speaks volumes about the generosity of the residents of Thurrock and the efforts of our collectors.”
In attendance were the following guests, all of whom gave inspirational and moving acceptance speeches, Sue Little from the local Barnardo’s branch; Jon Brewer and Anthony Hattam (the Head Teachers from Treetops and Treetops Free Schools) and Aron Lane from Little Havens Children’s Hospice - all three charities receiving a cheque for £2,500 for their respective charities. Peter Newall the Operations Manager at the Thurrock Foodbank, received a cheque for £89, being the balance we collected for them on our card reader and having already received £1,588 that we collected at Sainsbury’s plus a substantial Club donation before Christmas.
The Club also forwarded cheques to two national charities who gave their apologies for absence from the lunch, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) who received £2,500; and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) who received £434.
Sue Little - Bernardo's
Jon Brewer and Anthony Hattam - Treetops
Ashley - Little Havens Children's Hospice
Peter Newall - Thurrock Food Bank