Senior Category Winners
Isabel Aros-Solomon from William Edwards School
“My artwork portrays an idea of destruction but there is rebuilding in progress. There is a strong bond explaining that you can still fix yourself, even when half broken, by rebuilding. This process of rebuilding does not have to be pretty and that is exactly how my artwork relates to the theme”.
Highly Commended
Rachida Rai  from the Hathaway Academy
“BAM! In the middle of the universe. In the middle of nowhere. Things still keep going on. Even with a peak into another realm, life goes on. Bricks are laid, columns are built to be used and destroyed later. Life goes on so build it again”.
Highly Commended
Nifemi Alawiye from the Hathaway Academy
“ADHD best describes who I am, how my brain ‘operates’. Each time I feel like my day goes bad, my brain ‘rebuilds’.
I need to do better tomorrow”
Intermediate Category Winners
Aaron Tregunno from Treetops School
“In future people might be rebuilt as robots”
Very Highly Commended
Owen Taylor from Treetops School
“All of the questions I had before starting at Treetops School seem less important as I rebuild my confidence”
Highly Commended
Jehlani Francis from Treetops School
“This is the theme of life and death. Something comes to an end and new life continues to be rebuilt in the future”
Shae O’Hanlon from William Edwards School.
“Flowers rebuild and grow new leaves every year”.
Junior Category Winners
Myra Ali from Woodside Academy
“A vandalised park being rebuilt”
Very Highly Commended
Evie Newberry from Stifford Clays Junior School
“Rebuilding Womens football since the FA ban in 1921”.
Highly Commended
Honey Waro from Stifford Clays Junior School
“The effects rebuilding can have on people and their surroundings”.